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Dr. Achim Gelessus
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Computational Laboratory for Analysis, Modeling, and Visualization (CLAMV)


CLAMV (Computational Laboratory for Analysis, Modeling and Visualization) is the center for scientific computing at Jacobs University. It serves as support initiative for computationally oriented disciplines and provides the platform for exchange and cooperation in applied computing. Access to the CLAMV facilities is granted to all members of Jacobs University upon request and is usually not restricted to any specific department or workgroup. CLAMV services can be assigned to one of the following four categories:
  • Computer Teaching Labs and Software
  • High Performance Computing
  • Visualization
  • Database and Internet Projects

CLAMV was founded in April 2002 by 12 faculty members and its facilities are now used by more than 800 users (150 faculty/staff, 650 students). CLAMV facilities are used for (advanced undergraduate and graduate) teaching as well as for research.

CLAMV Report 2002 - 2007
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SES Report 2007/2008
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SES Report 2009/2010
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